Dutch Shepherd Dog Breeders

Our goal is to breed healthy purebred dogs Dutch Shepherd with a nice character.

Who we are…. Hennie en Ellla Hollandse Herder We are Ella and Hennie Bruggink. Based in Wieringerwaard, in the North of Holland (The Netherlands) . Since 1976 we have always been in possession of at least one Dutch Shepherd. From the first “Bor” in 1976 to the last and youngest now nearly seven months, “Bijou” in February 2012. Bor was a good house dog, very spoiled by us, but hey, it was our first. After Bor followed many others.

I (Hennie) associated myself with a Kynologenclub and I ended up becoming a trainer. Not to train the dogs, they can do everyting! But I needed to train the people. Teach them how to work with fogs so they can have a good, fun live together. In that time we have bred a few litters. That was so much fun that we now decided after 20 years to start breeding again in 2012.

Firstly, together with people who have really understand to help keep the race in position and to get the best out of the race. Especially because our Dutch Shepherds have given us so much unconditional loyalty. We have 2 Dutch Shepherds now. In June 2010 we chose (by Henk Eenkhoorn in Genemuiden) Angie (Alexia). A delightful and honest house dog who gives us what we expect from a Dutch Shepherd. That is why we chose our second dog also with Henk. Her name is Bijou. She is from the same mother but a different father. Our choice is mainly made based on the fact that the mother of the Kyra’s Gravenschans is a dog with a nice character, which in our view is always the main property must be in the selection of our dogs. Now are breeders we hope to have 1 litter a year. We are expecting Dutch Shepherd Puppy’s on January 5th 2016.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for news and updates! If you want more information feel free to e-mail us at henniebruggink@gmail.com